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Company Profile-澳门太阳集团

HGS Tyre Co. Ltd. (HGS) was established in 2007 by Mr. Ao Lin ,has been focused on tire safety, quality control and brand development. It is a new tire enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and tire solutions.
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    Major Brands: HGS ,HUANGGUOSHU, Wayloong
    Products Series: TBR tires, Bias OTR tires, Radial OTR tires, Industrial tires, Solid tires and Wheel rim more than 600 types.

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    Business Philosophy: Quality make brand, innovation leading the future.
    Service Aim: Focus on making good products and serve customers attentively.
    Company’s Value: Safety, environmental protection, innovation , win-win.

  • King Rocky - OTR Tyre

    HGS Tyre have the domestic experts R & D team, has won a number of national patents. We are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the international environmental protection and high-end tire quality requirements to provide products and services,our products have been certified by many international and domestic authorities.

HGS TYRE not only provide tire products, but also provide technical advice and solutions for tire manufacturers, providing customization services for different customers worldwide.  

Company History

  •    2007-11-20

    Registered King Rocky firm in Guilin.

  •    2009-12-06-138t.com

    Moved to the green city of China Nanning, and Renamed the company as Nanning King Rocky Trade Co., Ltd.

  •    2012-澳门太阳集团城网址

    Established Guizhou King Rocky tire Co., Ltd in Guiyang.

  •    2013-澳门太阳集团

    Registered Butler tire chain service brand.

  •    2014

    Registered Huangguoshu and Qianlong tire, sells very well in china.

  •    2015

    Expanded domestic market, developed new sales outlets of Yunnan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guangdong and Fujian.

  •    2016

    Joined Alibaba.

  •    2017

    HGS Tyre merge with KRK Tyre.

Besides, HGS agents well-known brands such as Bridgestone, PI, KH, Aolong, AAA, QIMA, Wanli, Wanbao, Yilong, Benniu,Sunrise Wheel, ALCOA, WellNICE and TECH etc. Focus on tire business for a decade, HGS has been well-known in China for its quality and service. The company aim to be the leading supplier of Industrial special tires, its way continues.

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