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Tire Industry Focuses on Green and Safety

Reprinted from: Tireworld June 4 2016-申搏太阳娱乐城-2138娱乐网址 太阳城集团赌场

The 2016 "China Green Tire Safety Week" campaign will be launched on June 15 in Qingdao, Shanghai and Beijing.

The campaign is initiated by China Rubber Industry Association and both domestic and foreign tire producers and material processing companies will participate the event.

The campagin has three primarty targets:

1. Help consumers and users know what is green tire, understand the importance of green tire on energy saving and emission reducing, and learn about how to use and maintain tires safely.

2. Encourage tire producers develop and apply new materials, technolgies and techniques, establish green factories, produce green tires, advance their technologies and brand image.

3. Help dealers know things about tire safety and green consumption, facilitate the sales of green tires, and expand the coverage of green tires.

China Rubber Industry Association expects to spread the concept of green tires, knowledge about tire safety, advocate the production and use of green tires, and boost rapid development of green tires in China.

The campaign will also give a strong boost to China's implementation of the tire labeling mechanism and to realize the tire industry's healthy sustainable development.

The conflict between China's economic development and environment, resources is emerging. As a key component affecting automobile's performance, tire becomes one of the key roles in ensuring safe driving and easing environmental pollution.

Developed countries in Europe and Amercia have all implemented green tire labeling institutions, while China is just making the first step, some advanced tire companies have accelerated their pace in green tire production and market deployment.

By 2017, China is expected to enforce mandatory tire labeling acts to rate the tires. By then, all the tires will be labeled just like the energy efficiency labels on the refrigerators.

The holding of the campaign will remind relevant authorities focusing on the development of green tires in China, publish stimulus policies, and further promote the tire industry's transformation and upgrade.